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Christine Tsui & Ryan Cheung

CTRC Design Consultant

CTRC Design Consultant is an award-winning interior design firm founded by Christine Tsui and Ryan Cheung in 2015. With an unwavering dedication to design excellence, it specialises in delivering innovative and practical solutions that consistently surpass its clients’ expectations.

Driven by a passion for discovering and exploring cutting-edge design concepts, the team meticulously considers a comprehensive range of elements, from space planning to intricate details, material selections, furniture choices, and lighting solutions.

With expertise and acute attention to detail, it infuses creativity and precision into every stage of the design process. Leveraging its extensive industry experience, it has a proven track record of completing numerous large-scale projects across diverse sectors, including clubhouse, commercial, retail, and residential.

It prioritises a deep understanding and respect for each project’s unique needs, visions, and budgets. By seamlessly integrating its expertise with a client-centric approach, it consistently delivers exceptional results that enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and overall experience of any space.

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Christine Tsui & Ryan Cheung

“Being able to handle projects of any kind is the hallmark of a successful designer”

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