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Alan Chan

Alan Chan Design Co

From a respected adman and branding expert to a visual artist, interior designer, and art collector, Alan Chan, the founder of Alan Chan Design, wears many hats in the art and design world. His name can be found behind a long list of the city’s household names, including Seibu, Bossini, Fairwood, Vitasoy, Sunday Communications, 1010, City’Super, Four Seasons Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong International Airport, and ZNS Jewellery, where he has made prominent contributions to the city’s creative landscape. Today, the versatile creative continues to reinvent himself, tapping into traditional and digital art, as well as AI-powered creations. These innovations have been showcased in both of his recent brand work for the CVIEW restaurant, and in his solo exhibition at Phillips’ Asia headquarters in West Kowloon.

Alan Chan

“To become a successful designer, you need to master the art of living”

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